“The positive evolution of an artist is seen in his exhibitions”

DSC_9684Artist Ion Bolocan exhibited works from throughout his career in a personal exhibition held at „Constantin Brâncuşi“ Exhibition Centre. “The positive evolution of an artist is seen in his exhibitions, and this one brings together works from throughout my career”, said Ion Bolocan during the opening.

The exhibition presents sculptures made in marble and bronze and the main theme is the female figure. According to art critic Liviu Hâncu, Ion Bolocan is a major artist in Moldova and his works are extraordinary in their plasticity. His sculptures are challenging, inspirational and inspiring.  “I haven’t seen lately other works with such a tangible  plasticity. The artist knows exactly how to create his works and no detail is left to chance”, said Liviu Hâncu. The critic added that the artist’s plasticity is perfect so that nothing could be added or removed from any of his works.”

Source: www.info-prim.md, published on October 20, 2011