“Ion Bolocan’s work reflects stylistic choices that are typical for Modova’s sculpture in 20th century’s last decade / the beginning of the 21st century.

Ion Bolocan is essentially an artist of the hidden essences that lie beneath the sculpture’s appearance. For the artist, shape is used to help in decoding the intended idea beneath it, and it is this idea that is the spiritual foundation of the work.” (Constantin Spânu)


DSC_9684             Barbat mergand,bronz, 48x12x6








Personal exhibitions:
1997 ,,Brâncuși” Gallery, Plastic Artists’ Union, Chișinău;
1999 Asiart Gallery, Backyard Gallery, Wiesbaden, Germany; Asiart Gallery, Budingen, Germany;
2001 Asiart Gallery, Dr Brunner & Partner,Titisse – Neustadt, Germany;
2003 Sv. Iono Gatves Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania;
2004 Inter Art Gallery Reich, Cologne, Germany;
2009 Chateau de Luins, Luins, Switzerland; Ferme Sarasin – Salle de Sacinnex, Geneva, Switzerland;
2011 ,,Brâncuși” Gallery, Chișinău;
2012 History Museum, Râmnicu Valcea;
2013 Art Museum, Ploiești;
2016 Art Safari, Bucharest. 


“As Bolocan puts it, an exhibition needs a certain rhythm, and rhythm is life.” (from here)

DSC_9696Ion Bolocan has had numerous personal exhibitions in Germany, Switzerland and Lithuania, while also taking part in many group exhibitions, as well as in Chișinău’s Spring and Autumn Salons. Outside his country’s borders he has also exposed in Romania, Russia, Italy and Belgium.

Many of his works can be found in both public and private collections in Romania, France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, England, Sweden and USA, as well as at Moldova’s Art Museum and in the collection of the Sculpture Bienalle in Ravena, Italy.



Group exhibitions:
1990 Limba Noastră (free translation: Our Language);
1991-1997 Spring and Autumn Salons, Plastic Artists’ Union’s Exhibition Hall, Chișinău;
1992 Sculpture exhibition 92, Plastic Artists’ Union’s Exhibition Hall, Chișinău;
1998 Casa Centrală a Artelor, Moldova pavilion, Moscow, Russia; Sculpture Binalle, Arad, Romania; Sculpture Exhibition (open air), History Museum, Chișinău;
2002 La intersecții de Milenii, Brâncuși Exhibition Centre, Chișinău;
2003 XIV International Sculpure Bienalle ,,Dante Europeo”, Ravena, Italy;
2006 Babel Centre, Moldova pavilion, Utrecht, Netherlands; The Council of Europe, Brussels, Belgium;
2008 Sculptura Contemporană/ Contemporary Sculpture, Brâncuși Exhibition Centre, Chișinău;
2013 Columna lui Traian în arta contemporană/ Trajan’s Column in contemporary art, Casa Academiei, Bucharest, Romania;
2014 Parallax Art Fair, Chelsea Town Hall, London, UK;
2015 London Art Bienalle, Chelsa Town Hall, London, UK;
2015 The Royal Opera Arcade (ROA) Gallery, London, UK.