“A sculptor lives through his works, and that is why each one of his creations is – to him- a piece of his soul.” (Ion Bolocan)

“Mainly, the sculptures represent the human body and no matter how hard I would try to avoid that, is is impossible, because humans are the most accomplished figures ever designed.” (Ion Bolocan)


“Ion Bolocan’s sculpture is an extremely well sustained and a very personal comment on modernity in art. Obviously, all Brancusian elements as well as Europe’s artistic Avant-garde are taken into account. Then his history with 3D, with the Renaissance-inspired figurative, help the artist to express the evolution of sculpture in modernity.” (art critic Pavel Șușară)

header 2“Sculptor Ion Bolocan is an artist who uses as a main motive the human figure, particularly the woman. The way he expresses himself is borderline figurative and abstract and you cannot fail to notice the harmony of the volumes, the balance between full and void […] [Bolocan’s]“Țipătul” (“The Scream”) makes me think of Edvard Munch, famous for his own “Scream”, reflecting the essence of the scream just like Brâncuși reflected in his Maiastra works the essence of the flight.” (Gheorghe Dican)