Ion Bolocan is a major figure in Moldova’s art scene who works in a remarkably way,  giving his plastic figures a natural form. The master’s sculpture gives birth to many ideas, impulses and feelings. I haven’t seen lately other works with such a tangible plasticity. The artist knows exactly how to create his works and no detail is left to chance”- critic Liviu Hâncu.

„Having created so many works, Ion Bolocan says that he doesn’t have a favorite one, as each of them has its own message and its own story so that is why he loves them all. Asked whether or not he is happy with what he has achieved, the artist says that when it comes to perfection, there are no limits. That is to say, he still has things to work on.” (from here)


The main theme in Ion Bolocan’s art is the human body. Whether natural or abstract, Ion Bolocan always depicts the human appearance in new variations of his bronze statues.

The sculptures’ relief, whether they are made in marble or bronze, betray the classical artist’s modernity.

The artist shyly develops the silent face of a woman and “The Princess”’s tall, slender figure reflect an hypostasis of the human love and relaxation. The relief is richly detailed and fluid. All his works represent a mix of strong colours that complete the artist’s strenuous effort.” ( Kreis Ainzeiger)